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We Don't Sugarcoat Shit
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December 01, 2016 06:26 PM PST

California Regulates Cow Farts and Richie and Kristy have been approved for Cow Farting Inspection Training. Lena Dunham is back again with nuttiness in Sedona -- Renegade Nation go to Toys For Pleasure http://www.toysforpleasure.vegas Richie Sammy and Kristy

November 29, 2016 06:53 PM PST

On Today’s episode of The World In My Eyes I have a bit of a bone to pick and since this is my show, I’m going to pick that bone right here and right now. Normally I end my show with a quote or fun little musing, but I’ve decided that today’s show is all going to center around one comment and it goes a little something like this: Your false sense of entitlement is filling me with righteous indignation. That’s right boys and girls; we’re talking about some people’s over-inflated and ridiculous sense of entitlement. Now I have never been one of those people who choose to define myself by their generation, but lately as I spend time observing and interacting with some of these entitled nit wits, I realize how profoundly different my perspective of what I believe this world owes me compares to some of the people I’m forced to surround myself with.

Even when I was in my twenties, I never once believe that this world owed me anything. I believed that it was up to me to put in the work and earn my place on this revolving blue ball and to prove I deserved my spot here. But lately, I’ve seen so many people – and not just of the younger generation mind you – that express such a sense of over bloated and undeserving sense of entitlement. People who believe that someone somewhere owes them something and they shouldn’t have to work for any of it. They, simply put, expect everything for nothing. This thought process has plagued me for weeks and I’ve spent countless hours just wondering where this ideology even began. Where did these people acquire this sense of entitlement? How is it they feel so exempt from basic human nature that they have the audacity to expect a resounding sense of accomplishment without putting in any effort? We’ve become a society of people willing to rest on the laurels of others and take credit for the blood, sweat and tears of our peers rather to strike out for any accomplishment of our own. We live in a pampered dog world – not the dog eat dog world of our forefathers and mothers.

November 27, 2016 12:13 AM PST

Hi Renegade Nation - this is Everly Isbe, once again Connecting The Dots surrounding this post-election period. What is behind these paid protestors - who benefits? I also talk into who is controlling our media and also the efforts of Jill Stein of the Green Party who has so far amassed over $5 million over the last few days to stop Trump before the Electoral College votes. Who is really donating? Her independent actions are not sanctioned by the Green Party itself...very questionable and interesting stuff to say the least. Hope you enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

Everly Isbe

Protesters Are Tools Of The Oligarchy

Foreign Governments Cutting Off Funding for Hillary

Trump-Hating New York Times Reporters Stunned

Jill Stein Getting Rich Exploiting the Election

November 26, 2016 02:49 PM PST

Kenzy Vixen surprised Sammy with a special visit to Studio D. Things quickly heat up and Sammy takes Kenzy Vixen from behind. It went live as the two had sex in the studio. You have to listen to believe it Renegade Nation. Hot as hell and will leave the men with a raging hard-on and women with dripping Pussies. Enjoy MoFo's!!!
Always remember Marla Keppler Founder of Renegade Talk Radio and Sky Pilot Radio http://www.skypilotradio.com

November 23, 2016 11:00 PM PST

Sammy's on his own today talking about Kanye's meltdown, the South Korean President needs his Viagra for altitude sickness and monks embezzling 1 Billion Bhat and trading sexual favors for stolen goods. Potential arrest and imprisonment. Thanks for listening. This is Sammy the Sausage man. Still learning to this on my own. Given time I will be the master. Remember our lost loved ones especially the ones lost this year as it is hard for families having a missing seat at the table. Happy Thanksgiving.

Always remember Marla Keepler

November 22, 2016 12:28 PM PST

Hamilton Actor Who Lectured Mike Pence Joked About Black Men Taking Advantage of DRUNK WHITE WOMEN. and What's going on in Florider
Thanks Renegade Nation Richie and Sammy
ALWAYS REMEMBER Marla Keppler Co Founder REnegade Talk Radio and Sky Pilot Radio http://www.skypilotradio.com

November 22, 2016 07:20 AM PST

On Today’s episode of The World In My Eyes we’re exploring another wondrous time of year! That’s right boys and girls… today I’m going to share with you all the wonder and excitement of one of my favorite holidays, well one of my favorite food holidays! Most of us – well us Americans – grew up learning all about the First Thanksgiving and most of us remember the story and God-awful plays we were forced to endure – both as children and now as adults – that tells the tale of that fateful winter. Now the basic story goes something like this – and I am paraphrasing, but the Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower and the Indians who were already in this country took a shine to the group and taught them how to cultivate the land and more importantly, how to grow food, and because of this gesture of kindness, the Pilgrims decided to have a feast and invite the Indians. And this is what every American school-child learns as how Thanksgiving came about. A sweet story about different people coming together in tolerance and friendship to celebrate the fall harvest… too bad it’s all bulls**t.

Most stories of Thanksgiving start with the harvest celebration of the pilgrims and the Native Americans that took place in the autumn of 1621, and although they did have a three-day feast in celebration of a good harvest, and the local natives did participate, this “first thanksgiving” was simply a gathering. In fact, there is little evidence that this feast of thanks led directly to our modern Thanksgiving Day holiday. So let’s talk about the Real History of Thanksgiving and give you the non-kid-friendly version of what really happened. So our story begins in 1614 when a band of English explorers sailed home to England with a ship full of Patuxet (or better known as the Pawtucket) Indians bound for slavery. They left behind smallpox which virtually wiped out those who had escaped.

Music:Firesong Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com): Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

November 21, 2016 11:52 AM PST

Renegade Nation You better watch out Bullies cause we are coming after you -- you wanna take us on Pussies well here we are Snowflakes.

Richie and Sammy - The REAL BULLIES

Always Remember Marla Keppler Co-Founder Renegade Talk Radio and Sky Pilot Radio http://www.skypilotradio.com

November 19, 2016 03:15 PM PST

Renegade Nation wait to you hear this show -- All Sex all the Time
Enjoy Tell your friends
Richie Sammy Kenzy and Dawn Sky Pilot Radio http://www.skypilotradio.com
Renegade Nation Always REMEMBER Marla Keppler Co-Founder Renegade Talk Radio and Sky Pilot Radio

November 18, 2016 09:36 PM PST

Hello Renegade Nation - This episode encompasses the "Paid Protestors" against Trump, the underage students who are being allowed to skip school to join in with the professional protestors and the links to Soros and the Clintons behind it all. I of course, connect the dots in these shenanigans to a much broader perspective that we all need to be aware of in these strange times!

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening! - Everly Isbe

Listen to Sky Pilot Radio: http://www.skypilotradio.com

Teachers promoting students to skip school to protest;
Electoral College voters receiving threats:
Russia provides proof of rebels using chemical weapons against civilians in Syria:
Stepped up Russian attacks on Syrian rebels:

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