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August 03, 2017 11:47 AM PDT

Listen to all of our Shows http://www.renegadetalkradio.com Renegade Nation JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY LOS ANGELES, CA — When it comes to global warming, Fido and Fluffy are part of the problem, a new study by UCLA indicates.
Most cat or dog lovers would say they can't imagine living in a world without pets, but as the threat of global warming increases, environmentally conscious pet lovers may need to make some tough choices, according to the study.
Pet ownership in the United States creates about 64 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, UCLA researchers found. That's the equivalent of driving 13.6 million cars for a year. The problem lies with the meat-filled diets of kitties and pooches, according to the study by UCLA geography professor Gregory Okin.

August 01, 2017 08:43 PM PDT

Listen to all of our Shows http://www.renegadetalkradio.com Bikini season is in full swing, and there have been so many amazing women in bikinis in film history, it almost seems folly to try and rank them. Not if you’re Mr. Skin, though, because if there’s one thing Mr. Skin loves, it’s a challenge. While sexy girls in bikinis have been tantalizing beachgoers for decades, string bikini scenes been fueling the fantasies of filmgoers for just as long. In honor of the sexiest piece of swimwear ever invented, Mr. Skin has chosen the Top Bikini Scenes of All-Time! Renegade Talk Radio

July 28, 2017 09:27 AM PDT

Bill Birnes, from the television show, 'UFO Hunters', joins us to talk about the conspiracies of Roswell, Dugway and Dulce. What's hiding at the secret military bases on United States soil? Are UFOs and aliens really here?

July 27, 2017 05:06 PM PDT

Welcome Renegade Nation it’s me Naughty Nicole and it’s time for another Renegade Review. And today, we have a double shot for you. Hard as it is to believe we have two new shows both inspired by the Bard himself, William Shakespeare. So today we’re going to be looking at ABC’s Still Star-Crossed and end up the day talking about TNT’s Will. So let’s jump right in and start with Still Star Crossed.

Shondaland became a premier source of primetime programming because the production company and its founder, Shonda Rhimes knows a good TV concept when it sees one. A hospital full of super-attractive doctors who all sleep with each other while tackling interesting cases? Check. A Washington fixer who knows how to solve any problem? Check, check. A law professor who drags her five students into a murder case or two? Super Check. Shondaland’s track record is solid that Still Star-Crossed comes as a surprise—and not a good one.

Okay, so first things first, I like the bare bones of the show: there’s a good basic premise here and, basically, it should be a slam-dunk. “Should” being the operative word. Let’s start with the positives. We have all talked about how people of color should be in more historical fiction, from books to TV to movies. The big draw Still Star-Crossed has is it’s a show filled with people of color in Shakespeare’s classic story, Romeo and Juliet. Lashana Lynch stars as heroine Rosaline Capulet, who lives with her sister Livia in the home of their uncle Lord Silvestro Capulet and hateful aunt Lady Guiliana Capulet. In an effort to end the violence that increased after the elopement and deaths of Romeo and Juliet, Prince Escalus proclaims Rosaline should marry her blood enemy, Benvolio Montague, the nephew of Lord Damiano Montague. I mean, the cast is attractive enough, and hell it even has Anthony Head, who I absolutely adore. So the basic premise is this… it’s a period drama that picks up where the famous story of Romeo and Juliet leaves off, charting the treachery, palace intrigue, and ill-fated romances of the Montagues and Capulets in the wake of the young lovers’ tragic fate.

July 26, 2017 05:45 PM PDT

n the Great Lake State, it's not a matter of whether or not Kid Rock can compete with Stabenow, it's whether or not Stabenow can compete with Robert Richie. Also, is it time for an Italian from Brooklyn to make his way down to Washington DC? And, were you duped by the Discovery Channel? You're not alone. Listen to The Ryno Report LIVE, Monday-Friday on Renegade Talk Radio

July 26, 2017 09:11 AM PDT

On this week’s Mr. Skin Podcast, we’re counting down the Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2017… so far! These scenes might not all make the cut come the end of the year, so this might be you’re only chance to celebrate some of them, so here are Mr. Skin’s Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2017… so far!

July 24, 2017 10:54 AM PDT

The political class wants you to know that if you, the common person, ever run for political office, you will face the consequences. Also, as we say goodbye to Sean Spicer we finally get to say welcome a NY Italian into Trump's WHite House. And, the DNC is in massive debt, go figure. Listen to The Ryno Report LIVE, Monday-Friday on Renegade Talk Radio

July 22, 2017 04:57 PM PDT

Welcome Renegade Nation it’s me Naughty Nicole and it’s time for another Renegade Review. And today, we have one of my favorites and I hope one of yours, Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere. Ah yes, the wait is mercifully over and this was the longest downtime between seasons in history, but the wait is over and we can finally find out what happens to all our favorites. Now if you remember we left on the line Winter is Here…..

You have to hand it to Game of Thrones. If we were taking Super Bowl-style prop bets Walder Frey wouldn’t have had snowball-in-hell odds of being the first character seen in the first shot. The former Lord of Riverrun is, after all, quite dead. Yet, there he was. In a prologue sequence, Walder Frey appears in a Red Wedding-style setting and cheers his family on. As Walder stands at the head of his family it becomes increasingly clear he's not Walder Frey at all. He says he's gathered "every Frey who means a damn thing" so he can reveal his plans for the coming winter. He gives everyone "proper wine, for proper heroes" and they toast together and cheer. But then old Walder starts talking about the Red Wedding.

He calls everyone "brave men" for, now get this... "butchering a woman pregnant with a baby" and for cutting the throat of a "mother of five." The room goes deathly silent. Then, people start dropping. "You didn't slaughter every one of the Starks. That was your mistake." Frey continues. "Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe." One by one, every Frey who means a damn thing drops dead right there — poisoned by that proper wine. Bodies lie motionless everywhere. Arya Stark peels off her Walder mask and tells Frey's child bride, "When people ask you what happened here, tell them: 'The North remembers.' Tell them: 'Winter came for House Frey.'" And Winter has come… all over house Frey’s pinched little faces.

Now, THAT is how you start a friggin' season off!

July 21, 2017 08:16 AM PDT

From Rebel Planet News, Jamie Sexton joins us for his monthly feature, the third Thursday of every month, called The Rebel Planet. We talk conspiracy and the news behind the news

July 19, 2017 05:37 PM PDT

It seems a new frontier has been reached in the fast-paced world of Artificial Intelligence, but as fast as technology is able to advance, it can still be reproached for moral retrogression.

This has been the subject of debate after the recent advertisement of ‘Roxxxy TrueCompanion’, a robot you can buy and simulate raping with a simple switch in setting.
One of the programmable personalities for the robot is ‘Frigid Farrah’, described as “reserved and shy” on the True Companion company website. Like ‘Wild Wendy’ and ‘S & M Susan’ whose characteristics are self-ascribed, the website says that for Frigid Farrah, if you touch her “in a private area, more than likely, she will not be to appreciative of your advance.”

In the website's description, the model lacks an attempt to reproduce consent in the real world and the company say that their robots “allow everyone to realise their most private sexual dreams."
Today, sex seems more available to us than ever before. With just a swipe on their phones, singles can schedule their next hookup, while committed couples have an apparent "sure thing" every night. This is also known as "the marriage advantage."
Why, then, are Americans having less sex than they were 20 years ago, not more?
According to a recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, a large general social survey found that American adults had sex about nine fewer times per year in the early 2010s than they did in the late 1990s, a decline that wasn't explained by longer work hours or increased use of pornography.

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