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March 16, 2017 11:01 PM PDT

If President Trump is serious about drainng the swamp, he will have to start by repealing an act from 1883. Also, did the DoJ let Mayor deBlasio off the hook just to sink Preet Bharara? And, Trump's first budget is a great big slap in the face to the United Nations, finally. Listen to The Ryno Report LIVE, Monday-Friday on Renegade Talk Radio

March 16, 2017 04:59 PM PDT

Hi Renegade Nation! Today's show starts with the deadline that just passed over the US debt ceiling freeze which occurred yesterday, March 15, 2017. Not a peep of this was discussed in the MSM, or even, as I found out yesterday and today, was there much of it talked about across the internet. Why? According to David Stockman, the former White House Budget Director in Ronald Reagan's Administration, we're headed for a fiscal bloodbath than the fiscal stimulus that is being expressed by the new Trump Administration. Donald Trump has inherited 30 years of debt build-up and a fiscal policy that's been reckless in the extreme. The question in my mind is how can President Trump create fiscal stimulus while Congress appears to not want to raise the debt ceiling in the first place - potentially leading the US towards default? I talk into this conundrum and then Connect The Dots to the extraordinary "goings-on" down in Antarctica and the soft disclosures that have recently come out. It's a very interesting connection and gives a glimpse as to why Trump has such a confident face in regards to the challenges facing his administration, which in short is an undeniable civil war between rival government factions playing out in our headlines as we speak. Something else in in the works here, Renegade Nation!

Along with this soft disclosures regarding Antarctica, it is preparing us for some major disclosure, I believe, in the near future. WikiLeaks release of Vault 7 and all the ugly disclosures happening now are a precursor that is clearing the slate as the Trump Administration "cleans the swamp". A necessary process as we potentially head to a very different world. I hope you find this as interesting as I did.

Thanks for listening - Everly Isbe - and check out my links below, there are a couple of videos that reveal what these soft disclosures potentially mean; from Linda Moulton-Howe's interview with Whitley Streiber and David Wilcocks overview video just released which further explore the current goings on in Antarctica. Check them out!

National Debt Ceiling Day
The Debt Ceiling From Another Perspective
Linda Moulton-Howe Interview with Whitley Streiber – High Strangeness
Antarctic Atlantis Video – David Wilcock
Pentagon Insider Speaks Candidly – Broader Implications to Vault 7

March 16, 2017 08:17 AM PDT

Mr. Skin on Renegade Talk Radio -- We’ve got a spectacular Blu-ray update for Skin Fans this week, it’s a young Elizabeth Hurley in her very first nude appearance for 1987’s Aria, now in crystal clear HD. The boob tube was all about butts this weekend, with terrific tail from Nicole Kidman, Christine Evangelista, Daisy Eagan, and Rachel Keller. And we have the first set of SXSW reports in from our Skin Skouts, highlighted by Charlize Theron’s lesbian scene with Sofia Boutella in Atomic Blonde!

March 14, 2017 09:43 PM PDT

Hello Renegade nation. Sammy was pulled over by a corrupt cop and boy did Sammy let him have it! Listen also to Sammy as he talks about a woman killed by a factory robot and the possible ramifications of "The Pleasure Bots" coming to a city near you! OMG!!!

Always Remember Marla Keppler, Co-Founder of Renegade Talk Radio.

Thanks for listening - Sammy the Sausage

March 14, 2017 06:30 PM PDT

Welcome Renegade Nation it’s me Naughty Nicole and it’s time for another Renegade Review. And this time around, we’re focusing on a movie I expected to mostly like and ended up well… mostly liking. Now, I acknowledge I’m an easy mark for exactly this type of movie: When a movie opens to lost islands, hidden civilizations and “Hollow Earth Theory,” chances are fairly good I’ll be one of the first in line. Now, if said film also decides to include a giant monster? Well, you better believe, I’m totes on board. So you can imagine how I was salivating like a horny teenage boy getting my first look at boobies when I found out Kong: Skull Island was coming out.

Much like The Lord of the Rings is Fantasy Nerdvana, well; Kong is… that’s right, you guessed it, King of the monster movies. And my tiny, black, dork heart was all a twitter when I found that this wasn’t going to be a repackaging or sequel to 2005’s Peter Jackson attempt (and Mr. Jackson gets a complete pass on that one, because well, Lord Of The Rings) – but this is rather a complete rebooting of the franchise to fill our geeky hearts with its big-ass apey goodness. Now admittedly, when Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla hit the big screens in 2014 the two major complaints were that 1) there wasn’t enough monster action and 2) the human characters barely registered onscreen. And three years later, Kong: Skull Island emerges to correct at least one of these issues outright.

I was very much onboard with Kong: Skull Island – I mean it’s not a great file, but it’s a really good one. Most important of all, it delivers on the premise – it’s well directed, the cast is performing admirably, and it’s clear well before we get to the obligatory post-credits scene that the world-building is seriously lacking, but this movie holds it together for one hell of a creature feature. The movie itself doesn’t drag or rush to cram in too many set pieces, which puts it heads and shoulders above most of the other big FX-drive blockbusters we’ve been prone to lately. And it didn’t hurt any that the theatre I went to had recliner seats and served alcohol. But the film does run into some problems on the human level, but there’s no way to accuse this adventure story of skimping when it came to the awe-inspiring monster battles.

March 13, 2017 05:04 PM PDT

The popular HBO TV show features a futuristic Wild West theme park – where punters pay to see out their wildest dreams with intelligent cyborgs.

And now the idea of building adult versions of the park is being talked about in some of the world's biggest sex capitals.

Adventurous entrepreneurs in Las Vegas, Bangkok and Amsterdam are believed to be the first places to dare to open the futuristic amusement park set to be a worldwide success.
Richie and Sammy
Renegade Nation Always Remember Marla Keppler Co Founder Renegade Talk Radio

March 11, 2017 04:39 PM PST

Renegade Nation Sammy and Naughty Nicole get into it about sex and Date. This show really gets Wild Listen in Sammy and Naughty Nicole

March 11, 2017 02:39 PM PST

Welcome Renegade Nation it’s me Naughty Nicole and it’s time for another Renegade Review. And this time around, we’re focusing on the abortion that has Hollywood patting itself on it’s back for being the moral center of America… Moonlight.

How do we become, well… us? Are we puzzles? A mosaic of who we are from birth, with that picture being revealed a little more day by day, piece by piece? Are we clay? Are we shaped and molded and fashioned by age and experience, until we become something we never would've guessed? Or, are we both? These are the questions Moonlight looks to answer, and quite honestly, falls short. Now that’s not to say the movie isn’t riveting or compelling, but I began my journey with this movie not quite knowing what to expect, and by the end, I was left with only one question… What the F**K did I just watch…

Chiron was born into Miami's mean streets although the movie doesn’t really hint this until about 1/3 of the way in when you can see a police squad car. His mother is a crack addict and his father is nowhere to be found. The movie starts when Chiron, or as they call him, Little, is roughly 10 maybe 11, after all, he is… well, little. He's a quiet boy in a loud world. He's soft in a place of hard. He's different: and Everyone sees it.

March 11, 2017 02:24 PM PST

Welcome Renegade Nation it’s me Naughty Nicole and it’s time for another Renegade Review. And this time around, we’re focusing on the frivolity that is La La Land. Now I’ll admit that up until the most epic of Oscar faux pas, I didn’t have any inclination to see La La Land – or even Moonlight for that matter, but since the Hollywood Elites are patting themselves on the back, I thought maybe we should see what all the fuss is about… right?

But the shine is coming off of La La Land. Various marginalized communities – women, African Americans, and jazz lovers – emerged to take the film down a peg. And what ensued was an all-out war waged mostly on Twitter between fans and the movie’s detractors. While it might seem odd that a movie as guileless and nostalgic as La La Land – which draws as its inspiration from the classic musicals Singin’ in the Rain and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg – has provoked such ire, this is the pop cultural world we live in. Every piece of art is now politicized and parsed for its problematic elements. These complaints may take some of the joy out of a film intended only to entertain, but they also reveal vital perspectives that have been hidden for too long from our white-male dominated discourse.

March 09, 2017 04:58 PM PST

Show Topics Hired a New Marketing Director Techmate Digital http://www.techmatedigital.com Listen as we talk about a Day without Women and a New Movie coming out Below her Mouth a Lesbian movie and the Vatican is under Attack. Richie and Sammy
Renegade Nation Always Remember Marla Keppler Co Founder Renegade Talk Radio

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